A high gloss helicopter refueling system

A high gloss helicopter refueling system

For a 139 meter superyacht

At the Monaco Yacht Show in 2015, the creation of a 139 meter superyacht was announced. This yacht was considered to be the largest and most expensive charter yacht ever built. It will accommodate as many as 36 guest in 20 staterooms, and includes a helipad, elevator, jacuzzi, swimming pool and stabilizers, that minimizes the motion of the ship, even while stationary. The superyacht was delivered in 2019.

Sypack was contracted to build and install its on board helicopter refueling system.

We delivered

A. Fuel storage tank, B. Pump skid, C. Dispenser unit

A. Fuel storage tank

The cylindrical fuel tank can store 7 m3 Jet A-1 (aviation) fuel and is made of AISI Type 316 stainless steel. It is compliant with the industry standards and finished according to the clients wishes in a beautiful gloss white paint.

B. Pump skid

The pump skid is the heart of this system. It draws fuel from the tank, filters it to assure quality and sends it to the dispenser. The system includes a tank to store fuel taken out of the helicopter, with a filter unit to filter the fuel before it will be transferred to the main storage tank.

C. Dispenser unit

The dispenser ensures that the fuel is safely delivered to the helicopter. Fuel can only be transferred, when the helicopter is properly grounded. Furthermore, operators can control the entire system from this unit, and measure the amount of fuel going in, or out of the helicopter.

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