Operation availability & reliability

Operation availability & reliability

HPU including control & condition based monitoring

Doedijns provided a Belgium recycling company with an integral solution; a hydraulic power unit including interconnecting piping, electrical control and condition based monitoring. Our client was looking for an innovative turn-key partner to upgrade their system, without having much downtime of the application. Based on a functional description Doedijns designed a system that guarantees maximum reliability, uptime and safety (performance level e). Besides the system design, the project also included the fabrication, installation and commissioning of the system and additionally a service level agreement (SLA) has been agreed upon. The installation and commissioning have been done in 24/7 shifts, resulting in minimum downtime of the application.


Based on the requirements Doedijns designed a combination of an open and closed circuit system. A large part of the primary functions of the system (both hydraulic and electrical) is executed redundant, to ensure operational functionality even when components malfunction. Furthermore this redundant set-up makes it possible to execute various common maintenance activities while the system is operational.


Operation availability & reliability

To meet the specific system requirements, Doedijns has opted for a failsafe PLC and frequency drives to control the HPU. Most important advantages of these PLC and frequency drives are the high reliability and flexibility for the control of the pumps. Additionally the frequency drives and HMI touch panels provide an array of possibilities to monitor the actual status of the pumps and E-motors. This data, for example, is being used for Condition Based Monitoring purposes.


A Condition Based Monitoring system has been implemented to monitor the pump/motor combinations, oil cleanliness and water level in the oil. Real life monitoring of a system can provide important information for maintenance and prevent malfunction and damage. This way preventive maintenance can be planned activity, resulting in less downtime and costs.


The combination of Condition Based Monitoring, the service level agreement and the redundant set-up of the system guarantee maximum reliability and availability of the system, offering the client total peace of mind.

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