Mechatest relocates to Doedijns premesis in Zoetermeer

Mechatest relocates to Doedijns in Zoetermeer

To strengthen the teamwork and make optimal use of the production capacity, Mechatest will move to Doedijns’ premises on 27 August.

As of March 2021, Mechatest is part of the Vydraulics Group. The Vydraulics Group consists of eight companies with a common passion for technology and a clear mission: offering the best turn-key solutions for systems, components and service in the field of motion- and control technology and process systems.

Each Vydraulics company has its own area of expertise and market focus, therefore perfectly complementing each other. Mechatest, specialist in (manual) samplers applicable to the mid and downstream industry, perfectly complements Doedijns’ (sampling) product portfolio. Doedijns is not only a specialist in power, motion, and control systems, but also in automatic sampling systems for upstream and midstream (crude) oil solutions. By combining strengths the businesses can provide a complete range of sampling solutions, where everything from design to production, commissioning and maintenance can be provided with the basic principle of taking your worries out of the equation.

One team – One location

By joining forces, we empower each other’s strengths. To fully exploit the synergy of both companies, Mechatest will relocate to Doedijns’ premesis. All our knowledge and experience are brought together. This endorses our ambition to grow and offer you an even better service.

Together with the movement, not only the address of Mechatest will change but also the legal entity and bank accounts.

Please contact our sales team for further detailed information.