New premises GDM - new production facility Vapo

New premises GDM

A new production hall is being built in Dadizele, home base of Vapo. In the extension of Vapo’s production facility, a 5500 m2 hall is being built. The production hall will be the new premises of GDM NV, also part of the Vydraulics Group.

“Within Vydraulics we are always looking for opportunities to increase our efficiency. Relocating GDM is a good example for this,” says Steven Vangeersdaele, CEO of Vydraulics. ” By having both companies operating under the same roof we are stimulating cooperation and we are making optimal use of our production capacity.”

GDM, a specialist in the manufacture of precision parts, also produces cylinder parts such as rod and bottom eyes, forks, flanges, pistons and covers, in addition to parts for external customers. These parts are used in the hydraulic cylinders produced by Vapo and sister company Vremac. Bringing the companies physically together, therefore, has a positive effect on the production and delivery time of the Vydraulics Group.

GDM owns an extensive and high-quality machine park. The modern production hall will therefore offer suitable accommodation for the innovative milling, turning, and grinding machines. In addition, the new hall also offers sufficient space for future investments in new machines. Investments with the aim of providing an even better service to Vydraulics’ customers. As a result, the existing GDM customers can also be served even better.

Alongside sufficient space for the machinery, there is also attention for the working conditions of the staff. Kurt Geldhof: “The new production facility will be fully equipped in accordance with current guidelines. This means a big step forwards for GDM. The spacious layout with central tooling stations makes the hall and thus the production process clear. This contributes to the optimization of our work processes and with that our production capacity.”

GDM is expected to move to its new home at the end of 2021.

New premises GDM - new production facility Vapo