John Heijboer QAHSE Manager

John Heijboer: A passion for technology ánd structure

When risks are high, it is even more important to enforce the safety rules. Within Vydraulics, we consider quality and safety our top priority. How do we guard our standards? Meet John Heijboer, our QA/HSE manager since 2008. 

‘If you don’t like to record and document processes, then this is not a job for you,’ laughs John. Within our organization, John is known for his lists, schedules, and well-ordered way of working. As a QA/HSE manager, you need to be up-to-date on the relevant laws and regulations. And the certifications of today (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, VCA) bring numerous rules and regulations with them. Because quality and safety are of high priority within our organization, we also have our own set of rules. To ensure that everyone is aware of these rules, I provide each department an overview of the rules that apply to them. Keeping the overview requires the necessary structure.’

Processes are not the only thing that requires John’s attention. With some regularity, he can also be found at the worksite. Traditionally, I am a mechanic. To be closer to the technology and our people, I carry out a workplace inspection several times a year. I check whether our mechanics (can) work according to the safety rules. The rules prescribed by the VCA certification, the customer, and Vydraulics. 

Safety above all else

The fact that we manage to renew our certificate every time or obtain customer approval is of course the success of my work. It is often seen as a lot of ‘paperwork’, but people sometimes forget that all these processes and rules are there for a reason. They are there so that everyone can go home safely at the end of the day. And in the end, that’s what it’s all really about.’

Quality control

The quality of our systems is partly determined by the delivery performance of our suppliers. It is therefore important to safeguard the quality at our front gate. Part of this involves conducting supplier audits. In this way, we guarantee the quality we promise our customers. 


Besides quality and safety, the environment is also an important aspect of my job. The environmental laws are becoming increasingly stricter and more binding. I follow these developments closely and read up on every update. This results in an action list for the organization. Where I can, I help. And I motivate process owners to improve their processes.

I also see opportunities in the circular economy. Our service department is able to overhaul existing systems and bring them back to new condition. That way, the existing hydraulic system can last for a number of years again.’ A good example is the overhauled tensioner for Boskalis. After this system was overhauled, its life span was extended by 10 years.